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[WATCH] Native Instruments Komplete Start DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

[WATCH] Native Instruments Komplete Start DOWNLOAD FOR FREE


Komplete Start has got to be one of the best deals on the market. A curated selection of studio-quality instruments including over 2000 sounds for no cost. This is a completely free production suite by Native Instruments. When hearing about this I wanted to see if there was a catch as it seems almost too good to be true. To put these instruments to the test I decided to play some of the instruments and make a short track.

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Play Test: When I played these instruments I was very impressed by the quality and ease of use. They could be used in a live setting. Most sounds were modern, easy to program and fun to play

Track Test: I was blown away at the amount of content in this free bundle. I feel I could have made almost any style of music with the tools provided. In this case I ended up making a modern pop style track. I was surprised how good it sounded! With a creative approach I am confident you can get an expensive sounding track for free.

In conclusion, I think this is a generous offering from Native Instruments. For people starting out or with limited access to funding, this is truly a gift. The sounds are highly usable and flexible enough to be adjusted to your needs.

Komplete Start includes kontakt 6 player and KOMPLETE KONTROL that allows you to use instruments from other companies.

To get your hands on this free download check out this page: https://staging2.audioplugin.deals/free-audio-production-plugins/ OR click the fat green button below!

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  1. Is this something I should download if I already own an older version of Komplete? I have Komplete 9.

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    [WATCH] Native Instruments Komplete Start DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

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