[WATCH] UJAM’s Virtual Drummers Bundle – Quick Dive

ujam virtual drummers bundle

UJAM Virtual Drummer is a versatile package including 3 professional sounding drum libraries, all in one conveniently priced bundle! The product retails for $149.99, but for the next couple weeks, it’s available exclusively at Audio Plugin Deals for $59.99.

Each Virtual Drummer library is a standalone VST Plugin that will load directly into your DAW. The sounds are separated into three separate plugins, or libraries, covering various styles with each offering their own flavor, while still maintaining a consistent and beautiful user friendly interface.

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Each separate library, or plugin, contains 5 different drum kits, and are loaded with effects in the “character” section,  which can instantly transform and shape your sound in various ways, simply by selecting an effect and adjusting the character knob. Not only do you have each individual piece of the kit mapped across the keys, you also have incredible and highly realistic grooves mapped to a separate key range, each covering different genres with included intros, outros, and fills conveniently trigger by playing one of the black keys.

Virtual Drummer Solid – An excellent all-rounder, loaded with professional quality studio samples and 5 unique drum kits, or sound sets. Solid can cover almost all styles of popular music. The “tight” drum kit from the Solid collection was a standout for me, offering amazing clarity and a warm, punchy snare.

Virtual Drummer Phat – Phat excels at nailing a more urban sound, good for soul, funk, and hip hop. While some of the kits here sound vintage and natural, others sound more modern and electronic, with deep kicks, smooth cymbals, and an overall warm sound.

Virtual Drummer Heavy – The most aggressive out of all, Heavy is obviously built for hard rock and metal. Featuring the punchiest kicks and most aggressive snares, this kit is incredible for metal breakdowns, double bass fills, and anything that calls for a loud and aggressive playing style. My personal favorite of the bunch!

Whether you are an experienced drum programmer, or just want something to instantly drop into your track with a highly realistic and natural groove or performance, this is a perfect library to pick up, as it covers vastly different styles, all in one great package at a can’t miss price!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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