Wreaking Havoc with Sample Logic!

Havoc provided me with over 850 instruments and multis to mess around with that did not disappoint on versatility, quality, or surprises. I was blown away with the loops (325 of them!) which was the bulk of the sample library. They stacked together seamlessly and just provided so many ways to create unique sounds for your project. The ability to adjust individual sections of the sample using the volume, pan, or EQ tree really lets you make it your own; along with the classic reverb, delay, distortion and arpeggiator. Sample Logic have gone all out in providing such high-quality mixes and processing that you could barely hear the original sounds of car engines, drills, metals, rakes, and whatever other garage-related materials lay within.

The folders feature different types of samples all laid out nicely into subfolders including impacts (200), Hit ensembles (45 to create your own rhythms!), transitions (110), and arpeggiated (50); which really saves you time finding what you are after.

This discount is insane and well worth your time; I barely had to modify any of these because of how fantastic they already sounded. I highly recommend stacking a few or using the multi feature to create even more sounds for your project!

-Jess @APD

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