Don’t just settle for “over the top”… kill it!

When going over-the-top just isn’t enough, take it even further with Kill The Top (KTT) from Soundspear. KTT is a multiband compressor plugin, and it’s an enhancement of the now-legendary plugin from Xfer Records, OTT.

OTT is soft of a “secret sauce” plugin that countless industry professionals swear by. Not just for the synths and basses of today’s super aggressive EDM styles, but also in the hybrid/cinematic trailer community, I’ve seen this plugin recommended countless times.

KTT takes the concept of OTT and expands upon it, giving you the ability to create an even more aggressive sound, while at the same time offering more control over how you choose to shape your sound.

What makes KTT unique from other multi-band compressors is its “upward/downward” style of compression. In the words of the developer, “Upwards compression is boosting the low-intensity dynamics while downwards compression is reducing the high-intensity peaks“.

KTT also provides 6 bands of compression, allowing you the most control over shaping and compressing each frequency band as you see fit. Finally, KTT also features a chained 12AX7 dual-triode exciter which helps to enrich the signal with harmonics synthesis on top of the compression. Check out the extreme results in the video below!

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1 year ago

OTT is a preset on Ableton’s MultiBandDynamics. The Xfer’s plugin is modelled after that.

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