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APD Rating System

Exciting Announcement for the APD Shop!

We’re really excited to share a new feature we’ve been working on: a new RATINGS SYSTEM for every product available in our shop. I know it can be overwhelming to sort through the many amazing products we offer, and hopefully this will offer some clarity on how much each product... Read More »
Pro Logic X

My Top Logic Pro X Workflow Tips

Logic Pro is a pretty insane piece of software. I’ve been using it for over five years, and I still discover new things about it from time to time. In fact, I’ve even discovered some amazing workflow shortcuts I hadn’t even known about while researching additional tips for this article!... Read More »
episode 3: music composition for video games

Episode 3: Music Composition for Video Games – Battle Music RELOADED!

Today we’re going to explore and break down a track with a little more depth. This track is in the Sci-Fi/Hybrid realm, and is MUCH more advanced and complex than the first Sci Fi track, the short battle loop we looked at in Episode 2. Notice how I use long,... Read More »
composing music for video games

Episode 2: Music Composition for Video Games – Intro to Battle Music!

Battle music is a huge and varied term, so for this intro, I’d like to focus on two popular genres: Sci-Fi/Modern action and fantasy/RPG action. If you’re unsure of where a certain game falls, in regards to these categories, just ask yourself, “Are they using guns or swords?” Fantasy games... Read More »
composing for video games

Episode 1: Music Composition for Video Games

Today, we’re going to dive into the world of video game music. From vast, sweeping orchestral scores, to delicate ambient soundscapes, all the way to aggressive, cutting edge rock and EDM, the evolution of video game music, and the medium as a whole, has been nothing short of inspiring. We’re... Read More »
trailer xpressions

[WATCH] How To Score Trailers with Sample Logic’s Trailer Xpressions 1 and 2

Trailers are something I have always enjoyed watching. They can often be the best way to find out whether something is worth investigating further or getting a quick taste of what something is about. As a film and media composer, it is a great skill to be able to score... Read More »

Kontakt 5 vs 6 vs Kontakt Player. What’s the difference?

As many of you may know, Kontakt is the industry standard sampler, and thousands of libraries use this format. It’s probably the most common cause of confusion with those who are new to virtual instruments and sample libraries, so today I want to give a quick run down of the... Read More »