• SAGA – Acoustic Trailer Percussion by Red Room Audio

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    For just $49 (instead of $149), get SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion by Red Room Audio!

    SAGA is an extensive collection of thunderous drum ensembles, dynamic metals, world instruments and other acoustic percussion focused on providing impact and scale to cinematic and trailer music.

    SATP features a broad range of deeply sampled instruments and articulations recorded on a scoring stage, including orchestral and world drum ensembles, world drum soloists, cymbals and gongs, oil drums, anvils and a plethora of large metal slams and crashes.

    Originally $149, now available for just $49 for a limited time only! This is an amazing offer you should not miss!

    current price 149 base price 49
Red Room Audio is a developer of passionately crafted virtual instruments for songwriters, composers and sound designers. Based in Los Angeles with staff and contributors around the globe, it is our mission to create inspiring tools that make it easy for you to turn your musical ideas into art.

DICKIE CHAPIN is the owner of Red Room Audio. Dickie began designing GUIs and promotional graphics for virtual instrument developers in 2010. His clients included ProjectSAM, Sonokinetic, Soundiron, Embertone and others. In 2014 he accepted an exclusive position as Creative/Project Director for Impact Soundworks and developed an interest in designing Kontakt instruments from the ground up. His Impact Soundworks library design credits include Bravura Scoring Brass, Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion & Colors and Ventus Ethnic Winds. With his accrued industry experience and ongoing support of Impact Soundworks, he formed Red Room Audio in 2017. Dickie has been writing, recording and producing for 20 years and has traveled the world performing with various orchestras, choirs, jazz ensembles and rock bands. In his down time he and his wife are busy raising two amazing girls and one very charming Maltipoo.