Orchestral Bundle by Impact Soundworks

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Experience the best of Impact Soundworks with this exclusive no-brainer deal valued at $585.00. Hurry, get this insane bundle of 5 products. This bundle requires the full version of Kontakt.

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Overview: Products Included


Discover the powerful sound of Slavic (Bulgarian-style) singing as performed by an all-female chorus: sopranos, mezzos, altos, soloist, and full choir. Vocalisa features many important syllables.


Orchestral Colors

An all-in-one symphonic library that makes it easier than ever to bring your orchestral ideas to life! Features 30,000+ detailed samples of strings, brass, winds, and choral ensembles.

This exquisite symphonic collection for KONTAKT features a comprehensive collection of 50 traditional & extended percussive instruments recorded through three mic positions.


An orchestral library designed for powerful ensemble string staccatos, Furia delivers instant gratification for film, TV, game & trailer scoring. Perfect for epic action string stabs and ostinatos, dramatic builds, and tense underscore rhythms!

Bravura Scoring Brass

“Chords & FX”

This contains the “Chords & FX” collection of Bravura. Experience orchestral brass, soloists, and aleatoric FX recorded with stunning depth in a large scoring studio. Featuring three mic positions, extensive articulations…


key Features

  • Featuring lush orchestral brass chords
  • Ensembles & FX
  • Full-featured set of classic orchestral percussion
  • Go-to sketch pad of orchestral & choir chords and playable instruments
  • Beautifully recorded staccato strings specialty library
  • Gorgeous Slavic women’s choir!
  • PLEASE NOTE: For Bravura, the bundle includes the Bravura Chord & FX instruments only. The full version of Bravura Scoring Brass is not included.



retail price 585
current price $99.99