ultraSPHERE: New Sound Engine – No More Kontakt

ultraSPHERE Drones, Music production

Man, it is truly a great time to be a music creator these days. We are never short of sounds and inspiration, and Sample Logic has dropped a new one on us, it’s called ultraSPHERE. This sound library is aimed at cinematic and scoring sensibilities and is packed with great… Read More »

Analog Lab: Beatmakers Take Advantage of this Plugin!

Analog Lab Beat Makers

Beat Makers and Music Producers are going to love this one! Here is another out of control deal for music producers and composers. If you’re looking for a good software bundle with plenty of good go-to sounds, we have something for you. Arturia’s Analog Lab Pro, this time with a… Read More »

Most Affordable Choir Sample Library

Fair warning, I’ve never owned a dedicated choir sample library, so my advice and entire outlook on the library stems from that of someone who is used to using all in one solutions, primary stock sounds and Kontakt Library Ensembles. Having a good quality choir sound library can make all… Read More »

Mellotron VST Plugin SampleTron 2: Is It Good For Hip Hop Music Production

SampleTron 2 Hiphop Production

SampleTron 2… They didn’t miss with this one!Sample based Hip hop producers will find value in the Mellotron. This vintage instrument has significantly influenced production techniques despite not achieving the iconic status of the turntable or drum machine. The Mellotron’s introduction to the music scene was brief but impactful, running… Read More »