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Most Affordable Choir Sample Library

Most Affordable Choir Sample Library


Fair warning, I’ve never owned a dedicated choir sample library, so my advice and entire outlook on the library stems from that of someone who is used to using all in one solutions, primary stock sounds and Kontakt Library Ensembles.

Having a good quality choir sound library can make all the difference to a producer, offering that extra edge or something that puts the track over the top.

Now, most of the time, choirs are used by film composers, but don’t let that stop you from incorporating choirs in your Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, or even Ambient style production.

A Quality sound is a quality sound; how you manipulate and use choirs is up to the creative’s choice.

Let’s dive a little deeper into how music producers can use choir sounds besides from cinematic music.

Hollywood Choirs Diamond by EastWest Sounds

Hollywood Choirs Walkthrough

In this video Marcus gives us a nice run down on Hollywood Choirs, walking us through the library as well as how to control the sound stage (mix) via the Opus player.

Using the Opus will result in a faster workflow using it’s built in mixer fx, but you’ll have more control using 3rd party processing fx.

Marcus also gives some insight on how to use the WorldBuilder.

Hollywood Choirs Diamond Edition includes

  • Production by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix.
  • 13-mic setup with a Neumann Dummy Head for spatial audio.
  • Customizable mic mixing.
  • Vocal ranges for Alto, Soprano, Basses, and Tenors.
  • OPUS 64-bit interface with a search database.
  • 59 GB of 24-bit, 44.1 kHz samples.
  • WordBuilder software for custom lyrics.
  • Articulations with vibrato and slurred-legato vowels.
  • Chromatic sampling across dynamics.
  • 781 editable pre-built WordBuilder phrases in English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Latin, facilitating quick composition and customizable phrases.

Benefits Of Using Choir Sound Libraries in Music Production

Getting straight to the point, adding a layer or realism and complexity to your music without breaking the bank.

1. Richness and Depth

Choir sounds can add a layer of energy and depth to your music. Sometimes this is used to create a sense of mystery, horror, tension or epic sound to the track.

I enjoy layering them with pads and strings.


2. Choirs Add A Human Element

Using choirs in your music not only adds depth but also introduces a human element and emotion, creating a slight sense of intimacy.


3. Adding A Cinematic Touch

Using choirs sounds is a great way to add a cinematic touch to your music right along with the braams and big drum sounds. They are extremely versatile and dynamic with the ability to delivery calm, dramatic and even majestic sounding textures.

4. Cost Effective and Time-Saving

Recording a live choir can be quite expensive, with rates ranging from $60 to $300 per hour, depending on the choir’s size and expertise. For a small choir of about 8 to 10 singers, you might pay around $250 per hour. Studio costs add to this, which can vary significantly.

For example, in a recent session I observed, an 8-person choir was $250 per hour, and studio time was $100 per hour. Over a four-hour session, this amounted to a total cost of $1,400.

Investing in a sample library is much cheaper, but there are pros and cons. While you save money, you might not always get the exact sound or articulations you’re after.

Sometimes, you get more value for your money as well. Therefore, your needs are important.

Hollywood Choir Demos

This playlist is comprised of talented music composers, showing off what can be done with EW’s sample library. 

One of my favorite is Dragons and Fairies by Ryan Thomas.

Popular Songs That Use Choirs

Here is a short list of popular songs that utilize choirs in the music production. I’d like to believe that the songs wouldn’t have the same impact, without the choir elements.

Artist/BandSong Title
CoolioGangsta’s Paradise
HozierTake Me To Church
Kanye WestJesus Walks
Talib KweliGet By
The Mood BluesNights In White Satin
Young BuckGet Buck
Imagine DragonsRadioactive
Brand of SacrificeLifeblood

Gangsta’s Paradise

This song remains as a classic in my collection. I love everything about it from the instrumental to the message in the music.

At the time, hearing choirs in hiphop, weren’t a thing, at least not on mainstream radio. The Ah’s are simple, yet very signature to the sound character.

Brand Of Sacrifice

There’s a nice little interlude featuring some nice choir work that starts at 3:00.

I came across this song during a studio session; an artist wanted to license it for this specific section, but sadly, the clearance did not go through.

Get Buck

The opening choir of this track always catches my attention, and I believe it stems from a Korg Triton, Motif, or something similar.

I would love if the choirs were live or at least had more of a live feel to them.



As a first time user of EastWest, I’m impressed with the Hollywood Choirs sample library.

You get some great sounds and a worldbuilder engine, while not 100% accurate is more than usable. I’ve never encountered anything like it.

Right now, EW Hollywood Choirs is on sale for  $149.

Also, be sure to check out other deals on sounds and synths at https://audioplugin.deals/shop/

New To Audio Plugin Deals?

Are you new to the site? How do all the sales, discounts, and deals work? Not a problem.

Here’s everything you need to know about acquiring discounts and other exclusive deals → https://audioplugin.deals/how-it-works/

Hollywood Choirs Diamond by EastWest Sounds

FAQ: Choir Sample Libraries And Recording Choirs

Here are some questions you might or might not have thought to consider before purchasing a choir library.

1. What Is A Choir Sample Library?

It’s a set of recorded choir sounds for making music. You can find different choir voices and styles in these libraries.

2. How Is A Choir Sample Library Different From Recording A Live Choir?

Choir Sample Libraries are pre-recordings, that can be used over and over. Recording Live Choirs are more expensive and have to be done each time vs grabbing the same library.

3. What Should I Consider When Choosing A Choir Sample Library?

What you need from the sample library, quality of sound, expense, compatibility, and total size of the library. Some choir libraries are massive in size and may require you to purchase a new harddrive.

4. Can I Customize Sounds In A Choir Sample Library?

Yes, you can adjust settings that affect the quality and tone of the character.

5. Why Use A Choir Sample Library?

It saves time and effort, giving you many choir sounds quickly and easily, and lets you change them to suit your music.

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