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Best Deals for Music Producers on Black Friday 2022

Best Deals for Music Producers on Black Friday 2022


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Black Friday is the season for shopping sprees for music producers. After all, you can get some of the best deals on VST plugins, Sample Packs, and Sample instruments.

This article is about some of the best deals for music producers on Black Friday 2022. We will look at the most popular and useful discounts and sales on Sample Packs, Kontakt Instruments, and sample packs.

So without further delay, let’s jump right in.

Best Deals for Music Producers on Black Friday 2022

  1. 83% Off AcousticSamples Guitar Bundle
  2. 75% Off Motion Keys by Sample Logic
  3. 83% Off Palette Complete Orchestra by Red Room Audio
  4. 84% off Leviathan 4-in-1 bundle
  5. 75% OFF BOOM “Soundweaver” + Cinematic Metals Construction Kit
  6. 86% Off Aria Sounds London Symphonic Strings
  7. 86% Off United Strings Of Europe by Auddict
  8. 88% Off Impact Soundworks Massive World Bundle
  9. 70% Off Artistry Audio Scorpio & Monolith Bundle
  10. 75% Off Karanyi Sounds Continuo 2 & Abstract Vibes Bundle
  11. 71% Off SoundIron String Bundle

Let us look at each of these products in detail.

Acoustic Samples Guitar Bundle Spotlight

This bundle includes detailed recordings of four classic guitars. This bundle includes detailed recordings of four classic guitars and UVI Workstation software for free. The bundle includes 10 realistic effects and includes eight amps and a doubling feature.

The bundle includes 4 guitar libraries –

  1. GD 6 Acoustic Guitar
  2. Strategy
  3. Sunbird
  4. Telematic V3

The Guild GD-6 Acoustic Guitar is a virtual instrument that is based on the Guild D-40 custom edition electro-acoustic guitar. It includes strumming patterns and chord generators. The library has 1.01Gb compressed in lossless FLAC format, around 7000 samples. It has a variety of presets for different playing styles and a strumming engine with 67 patterns. It can also be used in cross-platform applications, such as the Guitar Hero game.

The Telematic V3 is a sampled Fender Telecaster electric guitar that features realistic legato moves and built-in multi-effects. This library includes cabinet simulations, reverb, and a variety of other tweakable parameters. It has three pickups and mono/stereo outputs.

The Strategy Guitar is a deeply sampled recreation of a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. It comes with reverb, palm mute lengths, and several tweakable parameters. It also includes three pickups and room size and comes with two mic positions. It can be used in a variety of music production applications.

Motion Keys by Sample Logic

This Kontakt virtual instrument boasts a plethora of sound-shaping options and a user interface that provides an intuitive approach to preset construction. This is the perfect tool for electronic music productions, but its broad palette of sonic building blocks also makes it useful for film and television composers.

Motion Keys uses Sample Logic’s four-core sound engine, which features four sample-based sound sources and essential mixing features. The engine allows users to create presets, automate blending, and control volume and LFO effects. In addition, users can access various sources within the library, and audition multicore instrument presets.

With over 10,400 sampled instruments and more than 480 presets, Motion Keys provides endless sound-shaping opportunities. The library is filled with inspiring keyboard-based sonic material, and users can create a wide variety of hybrid keyboard sounds.

Palette Complete Orchestra by Red Room Audio

Palette Complete Orchestra by Red Room Audio is an orchestral sample library that covers a huge range of musical grounds. This library comes with four sample libraries and more than 76GB of content. Its features are easy to use, and its four libraries offer a wide range of different performances. It includes a variety of orchestral FX and sounds that are sure to add quality to any musical composition.

The orchestral articulations can be layered so that they can be automated using MIDI CCs. You can also choose a velocity range for each articulation.

Leviathan 4-in-1 bundle by Black Octopus

Featuring a brand new lineup of sounds, the Leviathan Bundle is packed with cutting-edge samples. Designed and mixed by professional producers. the Leviathan sample packs are known for their punchy drums, crisp percussion, extensive fx, and versatile sound library. This collection is one of the most popular sample libraries on the market, used by many hit records and producers.

The Leviathan sample packs are highly versatile and feature a number of genres including Future Bass, Techno, EDM, Drum & Bass, Tech-House, Dubstep, Trap, and Nu Disco. The bundle includes –

  1. Leviathan 1
  2. Leviathan 2
  3. Leviathan 3
  4. Leviathan 4

BOOM Soundweaver

Whether you are looking to build your own music library, create a soundtrack for your video game, or mix your own beats, BOOM Soundweaver VST can help you on your journey. The biggest draw is the fact that you can import and export sounds from your favorite DAW and mix them to your heart’s content.

The software boasts a number of interesting features, such as the ability to randomly mix a library of sounds, the ability to randomize individual elements, and a number of useful tools to help you put all those sonic elements into context. The program is also very well laid out, making it easy to get up and running quickly.

BOOM Library Cinematic MetalS

Designed and produced by Sound Ideas and Boom library, Cinematic MetalS is a massive library of 4,850+ RAW SOURCE SOUNDS and 4,890+ high-quality royalty-free sound effects for all types of applications. The library contains a wide range of cinematic hits, aggressive hits, clean hits, slamming, and impact effects. This is a great library for all types of film, television, games, and animation projects.

Whether you are creating an epic film soundtrack, an epic trailer, or a powerful game, the Cinematic Metal Titan Construction Kit will help you deliver a truly cinematic experience.

Aria London Symphonic Strings

Whether you’re just starting out on your own or looking to add an extra string section to your orchestra, this pack is a great way to get a professional quality string sound at a bargain price. This pack contains over 42GB of sample content, including a huge variety of articulations recorded in the correct orchestral seating positions.

Using Neumann and Schoeps mics, London Symphonic Strings is a top-quality string sample library with a wide variety of short note articulations, a variety of percussion effects, and a multitude of user-configurable scripts. These features make the library ideal for orchestral, film, and pop music. To play the library, you’ll need a full retail copy of Kontakt 5.6.8+, which is available at most retailers. 

United Strings Of Europe Complete by Auddict

This library contains meticulously sampled violin I, violin II, violas, cellos, and basses.

First Violins of United Strings of Europe Complete’ by Auddict is one of the most impressive and diverse string ensemble libraries ever released. As the name suggests, the ensemble consists of young professionals from across Europe and Switzerland. The instruments and timbre of each player contribute to the overall sound.

The full library was recorded in Angel’s Studio One and blended over a six-octave range. A special mic configuration is placed on the edge of the string section. Using this configuration, players can take advantage of the synergy of the instruments. The result is a lush sound that’s impossible to recreate with static samples.


• Polyphonic
• Legato
• Tremolo
• Harmonics
• Trills
• Staccato
• Pizzicato
• Sautille
• Portamento

Impact Soundworks Massive World Bundle

The Massive World Bundle by Impact Soundworks consists of 7 main libraries

  • Avanese Gamelan
  • Koron: Traditional Instruments of Iran
  • Ventus Winds – Ocarinas
  • Ventus Winds – Pan Flutes
  • Ventus Winds – Shakuhachi
  • Ventus Winds – Tin Whistle
  • Ventus Winds – Bansuri

Each library represents a culture and sound. The libraries have sounds from Indonesia, Iran, India, along with some popular instruments viz Panflute, Ocarinas, and Tin Whistle.

Artistry Audio – Scorpio

SCORPIO is a powerful tool for modern composers and sound designers. It has a multilayered engine, tempo-synced sample looping, and effects. It also has a few more interesting tricks up its sleeve, including Action Arpeggios, the best motion control system around, and a cleverly-crafted onboard browser.

XY pad is a tool used to mix macro parameters in Artistry Audio – Scorpio (KONTAKT). This tool helps users to manipulate more than two layers of parameters at once. It also provides an expressive form of motion control. This tool can be used to complete various sound designs.

Monolith by Artistry Audio

Whether you’re a producer, musician, or simply someone who loves to play, you’re bound to find something in Artistry Audio’s new Monolith synthesizer that appeals to your sense of adventure. From the randomization engine to the key-switching features, to the Stack mode, there’s something here for everyone.

It uses a custom engine that allows for drag-and-drop sample management, custom instruments, and a fully-featured browser.

It comes with 5.72GB of uncompressed samples, including 200+ core presets. These include presets for Kits, Effects, and Sounds. It also has a two-part interface that allows you to create two different sound sets from the same core samples.

Karanyi – Abstract Vibes

Using a modern-sounding vibraphone, this Kontakt instrument will add a very transient rich sound to your music production. This instrument includes sublayers that are ideal for a variety of genres and will give you the tools you need to add rich, modern vibraphone sounds to your music.

Abstract Vibes for Kontakt offers a variety of sounds and features, such as ambient sublayers and modulation effects. These effects are subtle enough to add flair to your mixes but powerful enough to give your music an extra edge. There are also presets designed for different genres.

Karanyi – Continuo 2

Continuo 2 is a powerful sound instrument that focuses on building complex cinematic textures. The instrument is based on a number of different sound design tools and synths. It features a futuristic organic look and comes with a variety of modulation options.

Its unique capabilities make it ideal for modern composers. The instrument features a simple interface and easy-to-adjust controls. It also provides an intelligent rack of effects, including a Lexicon-style reverberation effect and two vintage effects.

SoundIron String Bundle

Whether you’re looking to add some sonic flair to your guitar or simply want to add more strings to your sound, SoundIron string bundles can help.

This pack includes the following 8 instruments:

  • Brad Hoyt’s Harp Guitar
  • Street Erhu
  • Bizarre Sitar
  • Aeolian Fan Harp
  • Frendo
  • Zitherette
  • Bowed Bucket
  • Fountain Wires

These libraries have 30-string acoustic harp guitars, Chinese Erhu, sitar, steel-stringed zither, mallet, and string instruments, 8-string fretless zither, 5-gallon plastic buckets, and many other experimental sounds.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out all the Black Friday Deals along with our regular discount deals here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Best Deals for Music Producers on Black Friday 2022

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