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Best Guitar Kontakt Libraries

Best Guitar Kontakt Libraries


The guitar is the coolest instrument in the world, capable of evoking a wide variety of emotions. They can be used for toplines, riffs, solos, and and harmonies and can even impart rhythmic support.
It’s an instrument that needs a fair amount of articulation, and the more features a plugin offers, the more you’re likely to obtain an authentic-sounding result.
If you’re looking for some cool Kontakt libraries to expand your sonic palette, you should definitely check out these deals on https://audioplugin.deals/shop/
The cool thing about sticking to Kontakt is that the catalog of libraries available can only expand with time.
Here’s a list of the best woodwinds Kontakt libraries available on AudioPluginDeals.

Aviram Dayan Production Aviram Harp Guitar

Harp Guitar clocks in at 2.88GB and requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or higher. It features 9 main patches on one .nki, all available through keyswitch triggering different instrument playback.
Aviram Harp Guitar features four primary parameters at your disposal – reverb, tremolo, delay, and guitar noise. There is also a really nifty arpeggiator that affords the artist a kind of mind-blowing amount of control over the arpeggiation.
Harp Guitar is meticulously mapped, and the GUI is simple and straightforward, making it an extremely useful addition to your arsenal.

Edu Prado Sounds Extended Guitar Bundle

The Guitarmonics sample library brings a natural, authentic Acoustic Guitar sound and offers five different sampled patches:

  • Fingerstyle
  • Pick
  • Reverse
  • Pad
  • Percussion

The Bowed Guitar is a highly unique library, and, as the name suggests, it was created from playing an acoustic guitar with a cello bow.
The Bowed Guitar offers five distinct patches:

  • sul pont
  • long
  • tremolo
  • pad
  • harmonic

Dark Intervals 4 in 1 Guitar Bundle

Guitars in Space 2 and 3 feature complimentary patches such as pads, sequences, and sound beds. Each has one main playable patch (muted guitars or Plectrum Guitar) and several additional inspiring patches.
Smooth Guitars 1 and 2 are loops and lick samples on clean or slightly driven electric guitar in a funk, retry, and jazzy vibe. They are packed as Kontakt instruments and separate sample packs. When used in Kontakt, everything is synced to DAW tempo.

Karanyi Sounds Continuo

Continuo is a complex-sounding cinematic texture designer tool based on electric guitars for creating endless pads, unusual soundscapes, characteristic atmospheres, and experimental sublayers, especially for film, video games, and electronic music. This is the first release of our cinematic series with our brand new, easy-to-use Layer Designer Engine, where you can edit, modulate and mix up to 4 individual Instrument Modules at the same time.
Continuo was created in collaboration with the multi-instrumentalist producer/songwriter Iamyank who keeps building up memorable scenes around the audience with futuristic synths, spacey guitar, and dirty drums on the edge of instrumental and electronic music.

Riot Audio Baritone Guitar Washes

Baritone Guitar Washes is a versatile Kontakt instrument based on sampled recordings of a custom-made hand-built baritone electric guitar with an aluminum neck by NUDE Guitars (see pictures below). The instrument’s deep resonance and incredible sustain make it ideally suited to designing long pads and other ambient sounds.
Baritone Guitar Washes is based on Riot Audio’s proprietary Kontakt engine (WASHES) that incorporates three layers of sound: Body, Grit, and Air, each with a specific function and sound characteristics.

Body Layer

The Body layer contains the core guitar samples in various pickup positions (Neck, Mid, Bridge) and playing styles (Harmonics, Straight, Ebow). These samples are looped/layered to create “swells” with close to infinite release times.

Grit Layer

The Grit layer adds a distorted, dissonant, scratchy, or bowed flavor. This can either be dialed in low in the mix for a sprinkling of darkness and texture or dialed up to be a featured element.

Air Layer

The Air layer contains a few different instances of moving air (a household hoover, air blown across an Irish Low Flute) for some high-frequency/breath-like sizzle. This layer can be added to produce organ-type sounds (think Hammond or Wurlitzer) and hints of choirs.


All three layers can be morphed by applying several target sounds (which are usually combinations of sounds from other layers). There are controls for direction, speed, and strength of this morphing effect, allowing for maximum sound-shaping capabilities.

Riot Audio Bowed Guitar Clouds

BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS is built on Riot Audio’s proprietary CLOUDS engine, which contains an individually adjustable three-octave spread and two main layers (A & B) with two sublayers each. It uses Kontakt’s AET Filter technology and equal power crossfading to morph between these different layers. There is a resulting total of 12 layers that can be morphed, blended and automated to create a wide variety of complex, evolving textures.
BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS allows the user to create rich, organic, evolving pad sounds for film scores, trailers, ambient, and electronic music. Its sonic palette ranges from scratchy, sitar-like drones via quivering pads to heavily saturated, growling, free-bowing notes. This makes BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS suitable for a variety of moods and genres – from dreamy electro-pop to sci-fi trailer music and horror film scores.

Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars Infinity

Inspired by the principles of synthesis and sampling, INFINITY will redefine how you design, implement and morph instruments for music and sound design. INFINITY will bring unprecedented power to your production toolbox.
Sample Logic has equipped over a dozen parameters within the INFINITY interface for randomization, allowing you to rapidly tap into over 2,400 trillion starting point combinations with creative effects. Simply arm the randomization feature, and prepare to fire! The interface’s intelligent randomization technology will generate inspiring results on the spot, every time!

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    Best Guitar Kontakt Libraries

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