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Music Producers: Celebrate DJ Week with 180 Exclusive Plugin Discounts

Music Producers: Celebrate DJ Week with 180 Exclusive Plugin Discounts

APD National DJ Week

Over 180 Plugin Discounts. No one else is offering this!

As we Kick Off National DJ Week, we’re happy to announce yet another SITEWIDE Discount on a range of plugins perfect for music producers, mixing engineers, and students alike.

Our collection features top brands known for their reputation for producing amazing sounding plugins; Arturia, IK Multimedia, Rigid Audio, Sampletraxx, GHOSTHACK, and Function Loops. 

All who help make our jobs easier and music creators.

Full List Of Plugin Sales and Discounts

Mixing and Mastering Plugins

Today, most of us music producers do a lot of the mixing and mastering right at home. With all the technology at our fingertips, Why Not? Especially if you’re willing to put in the time and learn.

To nail this, you’ll need a quality set of plugins. These should be versatile enough to handle mixing and mastering,

Here’s a short list of essential mixing and mastering plugins that you’ll definitely want at your disposal.


OptoRed: Tone Empire’s Baby With The Super Slow Release

Tone Empire OptoRED Compressor

OptoRed is Tone Empire’s take on the classic Opto Compressor. Traditionally, this compressor is known for reacting slowly to transients, making it great for gluing tracks together for bus work: instruments, drums, mix bus, etc.

Much like the classic LA2A!

Quick Tip: Try it out on a reverb bus and listen to how it hugs and controls it.


EQ 81: Model’s a Classic EQ That’s Hard To Beat

Free EQ 81 Audio Plugin Deals

The EQ 81 is modeled after the classic Neve 1081. What most people love about it are its musical curves and the preamp (both mic and line).

This EQ is perfect if you need to make EQ moves without robbing your sound source of its character.

Not a great choice for surgical EQ and problem fixing, but amazing for boosting and coloring.

Sample Loop Libraries: Quality One Shots, Loops and Inspiration!

Loop libraries have come a very long way since I started music production. They are key mapped, contain tempo, come in various formats, and some even supply MIDI data, allowing you to take complete control of the sample, phrase, riff/loop.

If you’re a music producer looking for some great samples, try these.

Secret Cinematic Bundle by Ghosthack

The Ghosthack Bundle is made up of 3 libraries: The Ultimate Cinematic Bundle Vol 1-2 and SciFi Atmospherics Vol 2. All 3 libraries offer unique sounds from drums, ambient sounds, hits, and drones that are excellent for any music producer or composer’s arsenal.

Sampler Library Content:

Total files: 4,135
Size: 12.58 GB
Contents: 3 cinematic sound libraries
License: 100% royalty free

The Vocal Loops Bundle by Function Loops

Function Loops covers all the bases, spanning multiple genres like Pop, R&B, Trap/Hip Hop, and Reggaeton, drawing inspiration from big-name artists like Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa, and more. You can load these into your sampler of choice, speed them up, pitch them, chop them, it doesn’t matter, get creative!

Sampler Library Content

Total Files: 4467 sounds to play with.
Size: 21.2GB
Content: Vocals, loops and one shots samples
Format: MIDI files, WAVS and presets
License: 100% royalty free

Caribbean Bundle: Drums, Loops, Percussion, Baselines

I absolutely love this sample pack. If you’re a music producer looking to add your some authentic Caribbean flair, this sample pack bundle is just what you need. It’s a mix of Calypso, Soca, Dancehall and Reggae, perfect for anyone chasing those Good Vibes.

This is definitely the go to sample pack of mine when I want to bring the whole Caribbean vibe to the forefront.

Caribbean Sample Library Content

Total Files: 3000+ sounds.
Size: 6 Gigs
Content: Loops,1 Shot and Construction kits
Format: WAV
License: Royalty Free

VSTIs, Kontakt Libraries, Synths and Other Instruments

As a music producer, it should be obvious that you need good quality sounds in your arsenal. I mean, that’s the secret sauce for making music that really resonates with people. It’s what sets you apart from the noise.

With that said, here are some synths and instruments that I personally use and recommend.

Grab them while they’re on sale!

Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE

This is an orchestra at your fingers, providing violins, brass, percussion, woodwinds, and cellos with articulations.

These instruments bring a realistic and dynamic orchestral feel to your compositions, perfect for adding depth and emotion to any musical genre, from cinematic scores to trendy pop arrangements.

Miroslav Library Content

Total Files: 733 instruments
Size: 10GB
Content: Orchestral instruments with articulations
Format: AAX, VST, Audio Units; Standalone application.


Massive Orchestral Bundle

This Impact Soundworks bundle is massive. Make sure you clear off enough space on your hard drives for it. This Kontakt library is packed with everything you could need, from women’s choirs to staccato strings, chords, FX, and instruments, including some really powerful brass sounds perfect for scoring.

Great quality and worth having, but again make sure you have the hard drive space for it at this price it’s a steal.

Impact Massive Bundle Library Content

Total Files: 30,000+ detailed sampled instruments
Size: 50+Gigs
Content: Orchestral instruments
Format: Kontakt


Sampletraxx The Massive 3-in-1 Bundle

Here’s another great library to add to your collection, especially if you’re aiming for that cinematic sound. It’s packed with everything from pianos, braams, and impacts to percussive elements and risers. It’s full of all sorts of gems that can spruce up your music and help it stand out.

SampleTraxx Library Content

Total Files: 7200+ sounds
Size: 26GB+ of audio content
Content: ARSENAL, MACABRE, and SUMMER bundles

Format: WAV sounds and Kontakt

Give it a listen and see for yourself!


Tons of great plugins and discounts await you during National DJ Week. Right now, you can enjoy a sitewide discount by using the code “DJ15OFF.”

We’ve got it all from cinematic sound libraries and punchy drums to sound effects and badass AI production tools for chopping and manipulating samples.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

With 180 amazing deals, including discounts of up to 90% on select items, this is an unmissable opportunity for music production students and seasoned producers alike. If you’re in the business of making music, you’ve got to check this out.

Also, be sure to check out other deals on sounds and synths at https://audioplugin.deals/shop/

New To Audio Plugin Deals?

Are you new to the site? How do all the sales, discounts, and deals work? Not a problem.

Here’s everything you need to know about acquiring discounts and other exclusive deals → https://audioplugin.deals/how-it-works/

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