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Cello Library: Articulations, Melody Builder, Arpeggiator

Cello Library: Articulations, Melody Builder, Arpeggiator

String Central by Nightfox Audio

Sometimes, you take a step back to assess your music production setup. You’ve got the essentials: a MIDI controller, microphones, monitors, and a head full of ideas. Yet, there’s this nagging feeling that your sound and sample libraries aren’t quite cutting it.

Take stock sample libraries, for instance. They’re decent enough, but when it comes to replicating acoustic instruments, like strings, they often fall short. I’ve experienced this frustration myself, particularly with the stock Strings in Reason Studios. They were convenient, yet they lacked the rich, authentic sound I was striving for.

Without those subtle expressions, everything ends up sounding flat and lacks the dynamics that real players evoke when they’re playing.

There are some incredible options out there that can help give you the depth, realism, and articulation you’re looking for. One of those solutions is NightFox Audio’s String Central.

NightFox Audio String Central

String Central Overview

Nightfox Audio’s String Central is a Cello Library, providing the ability to layer 13 individual voices. This includes 10 Sampled Organic Cello articulations, a texture layer, and 2 Vintage Strings Synths.

Cello String Library

The library is also equipped with global effects macros, EQ, compression, and voice settings. And for those who like to tweak, there are slots to add your standard effects and modulators.

The library is also equipped with an arpeggiator and melody builder which helps with coming up with melodies, riffs and other ideas.

Cello Library Key Features

Instrument Effects: Each instrument comes with five effects – Pan, Width, Input Delay, EQ, and Compression.

Global Pitch and Pan Controls: Adjust the overall pitch and stereo positioning.

Dynamic Envelope Controls: Includes Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release, along with a visualizer for precise adjustments.

Filter: Choose from 10 filter types, each with Resonance control and a visual display.

Advanced Arpeggiator: Fully customizable with options like Hold, Latch, and Midi Thru modes.

Additional Onboard Effects: Features Drive (with 8 variations), Phaser, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb.

Triple LFO Functionality: Includes Gain LFO, Pitch LFO, and Filter LFO, each offering six waveform options.

Portamento Controls: Five adjustable controls for smooth pitch transitions.

Automation: All key parameters can be automated in major DAWs.

CC Mappability: Essential parameters are fully CC mappable for enhanced control.

Preset Library: Over 70 presets available, with the option for users to create, save, and favorite their own.


The String Central Arpeggiator

Cello Library String Central Arpeggio Pattern Builder

HoldMaintains the notes being held.
LatchContinues playing notes after release.
Midi ThruPasses MIDI data through the arpeggiator.
Step NumberDetermines the number of steps within the arpeggio.
RateSets the speed of the arpeggio.
Octave RangeSpecifies the range of octaves for the arpeggio.
Swing AmountAdjusts the swing of the arpeggio.
Step SizeControls the size of each step in the arpeggio.

What Music Producers Will love About This String Library

As music creators, we are always looking for virtual instruments that don’t just sound good but feel real and alive. The attention to detail in the sampling process is something that can be deeply appreciated.

Every note is multiple-sampled, meaning each note has been sampled numerous times to trigger different responses. This brings a level of realism, preserving the oddity, character, and nuances that make an instrument unique.

It’s like NightFox Audio has bottled the essence of real instruments and handed it over to us.


String Central is essential for any music producer searching for a cello library that excels in sound quality and usability. It’s packed with well recorded, lush tones, complemented by various articulations, features, and textures.

The simplicity with which you can generate ideas is impressive, and it leaves a tiny footprint on the hard drive.

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FAQs About String Central

Some questions you’ll likely have about String Central, NightFox Audio and Cello sound libraries.

1. Is String Central Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, its intuitive design makes it accessible for beginners, while its depth caters to professionals.

2. Can String Central Be Used In Live Performance Situations?

Absolutely. You can also use String Central within a DAW like Ableton Live 12 or in standalone mode.

3. What Genres Are Best Suited To String Central?

Classic, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Ambient, Trap.. You can use String Central in any genre of music; there are no limitations.

4. How Does String Central Integrate With Other Plugins?

It works seamlessly with major DAWs, offering smooth compatibility and integration.

5. Is String Central A Kontakt Library?

No, String Central is not a Kontakt library. It is a standalone VST plugin compatible with various digital audio workstations (DAWs)

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    Cello Library: Articulations, Melody Builder, Arpeggiator

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