Quick Look – Aurora Choir by Aria Sounds

Aurora Choir by Aria Sounds

Presenting Aurora Choir by Aria Sounds, a world class female choir with separate sections for altos and sopranos, and featuring lyrical legato, sustains, and staccato with an advanced sequencer. Recorded with four separate mic positions and including controls for legato speed, volume, and adjusting the tightness of the sequenced short notes, this is a feature packed library at a great price, and it’s great for both soft, angelic tones as well as bold, epic phrases.

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The legatos and sustains are recorded with four separate vowel sounds: Ah, Eh, Ih, and Oh, and the mod wheel controls the dynamics of the singers. You can easily adjust the volume and the length of the legato transitions, so you can quickly get a fast, agile legato, or a longer, more flowing sound.

Unique to this library is an advanced sequencer for the short notes, which allows you to combine any of the 24 featured syllables in any order, and create your own unique phrases and sequences. There is a “sequencer speed” slider right at the bottom of the GUI, so you can easily get more loose, flowing phrases, or a super tight, rhythmic sequence.

Also included are multiple convolutions to add reverb to taste, or if you prefer, you can have the samples completely dry and send to a third party reverb.

This library requires the Full Version of Kontakt to run and comes in at about 11 gb, (22 needed for install)

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