[WATCH] Boutique Mega Deal Walkthrough

We’re pleased to announce our latest deal, in collaboration with Plugin Boutique, the Boutique Mega Deal!

This bundle contains SIX amazing plugins/libraries, perfect for EDM, pop, ambient, underscore, hybrid cinematic, and more. No stone is left unturned!

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Virtual CZ (plus expansion pack content). Virtual CZ captures the warm, analog synth sounds of yesteryear and presents them in a sleek interface for the modern producer looking for true classic sounds.

Carbon Electra (plus expansion pack content). Carbon Electra is a focused, cutting edge synthesizer made for modern producers in need of a simple and fast workflow. There are no sub-menus or hidden controls, as the interface lays out every control on one page, making this an amazing tool for newcomers to really learn about the process and features of modern synthesis.

Scaler – This plugin is a truly useful tool, which gives producers and composers an insight into musical theory, chords, and scales. Just select a scale, and it conveniently lays out which keys on your keyboard fit into this scale, suggests chord progressions and melodies, and also has the included option to present all these options for guitarists as well (adjusting to display the fretboard and strings of a guitar as opposed to a keyboard/piano). 

Oracle (Soundspot) – Oracle is a creative reverb/multi effect, combining algorithmic reverb options, dynamic stereo imaging and positioning tools, effects such as saturation, LFO shaping, band pass filters, and a dynamic compressor. The creative possibilities using this plugin are seemingly endless.

Kontakt Libraries
Paths Bundle (Paths I and Paths II by Audiomodern) – The Paths libraries offer amazing EDM, ambient, and modern underscore sounds that just work straight out of the box, no post processing needed. The libraries are essentially loop based construction kits, offering 30 kits for each library, categorized by BPM. You can adjust the key/root note of each sequence, and isolate each individual layer for each sequence, to add anything from a full fledged backing track (with fully processed drums, bass, synths, guitar, vocals, etc), or just isolate each layer individually (say you want just the kick, snare, hi hats, ambience/synths, leads/plucks, vocals). A great choice for adding polish and an extra touch to a full track, or for using as a base layer to then build upon.

This bundle is HUGE and a must have for any modern producer or composer, whether you focus on radio friendly tracks or cinematic music, I guarantee you will get something out of the plugins offered here. Not only do they provide amazing sounds, but also some truly useful learning tools, which you can utilize instantly to improve your composition skills.

-Brian Freeland, APD

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3 years ago

Hi – the boutique mega-deal initially offered me AudioModern’s Abuser for the base price of $39.00, and an additional $39.00 of rewards. Is that offer still valid or did I miss it? Thanks!

3 years ago
Reply to  boonersmusic

Never mind. I got the deal to show up again by clearing cookies from my browser. For those interested, it shows up when you add the mega-deal to your cart – if you skip the deal it won’t show up again no matter how many times you add the mega-deal to your cart unless you clear your cookies.

Thanks to APD for the amazing deal!

Audio Plugin Deals
3 years ago
Reply to  boonersmusic

Absolutely right, glad you could figure this out!

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