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Download The Joshua Bell Solo Violin Kontakt Library 50% Discount

Download The Joshua Bell Solo Violin Kontakt Library 50% Discount

Joshua Bell Violin by Embertone

Violin maestro Joshua Bell has partnered with Embertone to develop the Joshua Bell Violin Kontakt Library. This collaboration marries classical artistry with digital innovation, aiming to offer unmatched quality and realism.

Imagine having the essence of Joshua Bell’s Stradivarius violin at your fingertips. This solo violin library is essential for anyone wanting to add a touch of class to their tracks.

This solo violin library is a must have for music composers and producers alike looking to sprinkle their tracks with a quality violin that gives them greater control. It’s like having one of the greatest violinists in your studio, instrument in hand, ready to push your music to the next level.

Joshua Bell Violin by Embertone

What A Great Solo Violin Library Sounds Like

The dynamics and level of professionalism here is incredible

Top Features of the Joshua Bell Violin Kontakt Library

String Library FeatureFeature Description
Extensive Sample LibraryOver 20,000 individual samples, capturing the full range and expressiveness of Joshua Bell’s stylistic playing.
Unparalleled Legato TechniquesFeatures 12+ unique legato styles, including bow changes, slurs, and portamento, across different speeds and dynamics.
Legato HarmonicsA rare inclusion of legato harmonics, offering a unique and ethereal sound palette.
INTUITION EngineAn advanced script that intelligently selects articulations based on the user’s performance, enhancing realism and playability.
Wide Range of ArticulationsIncludes standard articulations like legato, staccato, spiccato, tremolos, and trills, as well as unique ones like ricochets and super-flautando sustains.
Natural and Modeled VibratoOffers both the natural vibrato from Joshua Bell’s performances and a customizable scripted vibrato.
Humanization ControlsFeatures controls for tuning, speed, interval, attack, and bow/slur switching, adding realism to digital performances.
Articulation Assignment SystemAllows for extensive customization with key switching, CCs, aftertouch, velocity, playing speed, pitch bend, and more.
Pristine Recording QualityRecorded at the former Avatar Studios with award-winning engineer Richard King, ensuring top-notch sound quality.

Why Purchase a Solo Violin Kontakt Library vs An Ensemble Kontakt Library?

Several factors come into play when deciding between a solo violin library vs an ensemble. Consider the following points.

1. Performance Characteristics: Solo libraries capture a single violinist’s unique nuances and expressiveness, ideal for pieces needing subtle solo expressiveness.

2. Articulation and Expression: Solo libraries offer a broader range of detailed articulations and expressive controls for nuanced performances, crucial in genres like classical or jazz.

3. Realism in Solo Passages: A dedicated solo library provides a more convincing sound for realistic solo violin passages, capturing intimate aspects of violin playing.

4. Specific Artist’s Sound: Libraries like the Joshua Bell Violin feature musicians’ distinct styles of play.

5. Pricing: Solo Kontakt libraries are generally more expensive due to their extensive control options, detailed articulations, and focused dedication to the instrument’s nuances.

Ensemble Kontakt libraries are preferred for:

Palette Complete Orchestra by Red Room Audio

1. Orchestral and Sectional Parts: Ideal for music requiring the collective sound of a violin section or full orchestra.

2. Efficiency in Arranging: Great for quickly creating orchestral textures and backgrounds, focusing on the overall group sound.

3. Layering and Textural Depth: Best for compositions needing rich, layered textures from multiple instruments.

This being said, choose a solo violin library for detailed, expressive solo work and an ensemble library for broader orchestral textures and backgrounds.

Real Violinist vs Midi Keyboard: Can You Tell The Difference?

Violin Kontakt Library Specifications

Before installing the Joshua Bell Violin Kontakt Library, making sure that your operating system meets the requirements is crucial.

This will ensure a smooth installation and optimal library functionality.

Operating System Requirements

  • Mac OS X: Compatible with Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11, or 10.12. These versions must have the latest updates installed for optimal performance and compatibility.
  • Windows: Supports Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 operating systems. Ensure these versions are updated with the latest Service Pack to guarantee smooth operation.


Kontakt Requirements:

  • Kontakt Player: The library is compatible with Kontakt Player version 5.6.8 or higher, making it accessible to users of the free version of Kontakt Player.

    Kontakt Full Version: It also works with Kontakt Full version 5.4.1 or higher. This ensures that users who have invested in the full version of Kontakt can also utilize this library.

  • Legacy Support: A legacy option is available for users with older versions of Kontakt Full (specifically version 5.4.1+), though it has certain limitations.


Storage Requirements:

  • Library Size: The Joshua Bell Violin library requires 8.86 GB of disk space.
  • RAM Usage: The Max RAM footprint of the library is 2.25GB.


If a Solo Violin Library is what your musical arsenal needs, then there’s no reason to hesitate to purchase this Violin Kontakt Library.

It’s versatile, the sound quality is fantastic, and many music composers worldwide agree that this is the best solo violin library they’ve ever used.

There’s so much control and characteristic in the play style. Joshua Bell and Embertone were really shooting for something unique with this violin library, and they’ve achieved it.

Joshua Bell Violin by Embertone

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