Video Game Composing: 3 Essential Tips


In this video we’ll be investigating the best things you can do if you want to write for games. Do subscribe for more videos like this and ring the bell to keep up to date with our notifications and deals. Firstly, many musicians make the mistake of not even playing games… Read More »

How To End Beat Block With a Few Clicks

How To End Beat Block With a Few Clicks

End beat block with just a few clicks… Is it really possible? Are you a music producer who finds themselves staring blankly at your DAW, waiting for a spark of melodic inspiration that just doesn’t come? You’re not alone. Many of us who produce music have been there many times…. Read More »

PSP BussPressor vs MTurboCompLE: Dynamic Duos?

PSP BussPressor vs MTurboCompLE Dynamic Duos

Compressors, when to use them, what type should be used and why? Can I ever have enough compressors…This is where my head was about 15 years ago. Choosing the right compressor plugin can be just as challenging as making music. Do you want a vintage feel or a modern sound?… Read More »

Enhancing Music Production with Trailer Sound Libraries

Let’s get right to the point…. A lot of today’s music production is chalked with music producers who are using the same cliche sounds, loops, it pays to have a unique sound, that sounds out. This can be done easily by using fx and ear candy found in good trailer… Read More »