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Create Samples With AI: Melody Loops, Stems and Drums Using Prompts!

Create Samples With AI: Melody Loops, Stems and Drums Using Prompts!


As a music producer today, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the buzz surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the debates it has sparked in the music industry.

I often find myself amazed by the rapid advancements in AI technology and its integration into music production. The capabilities of AI music generators are fascinating, offering new avenues for music creators to explore and integrate into their creative workflows.

However, their limitations are just as noteworthy as their capabilities.

One of the challenges I’ve observed is the AI’s ability to capture the subtle nuances and specific music production techniques that vary widely across different music genres.

Another area where AI falters is the structural form of most music genres. In other words, how different sections of a song transition and flow into one another is vital to the overall feel of a beat, track, or composition.

With that in mind, I’ve discovered that AI is beneficial in terms of finding inspiration as well as creating samples. Thus, offering new, creative perspectives has consistently enhanced my workflow, giving me a solid edge in the creative process.

One AI Tool I’ve been using to create samples with is SoundGen!



What Is Soundgen?

SoundGen changes the game for how many music producers and composers will create music. It’s a platform where you use text prompts to make music for you.

This means you can use your words and descriptions, and SoundGen will translate that text based information into music.

And guess what


SoundGen Main Features

This is what makes SoundGen stand out amongst other AI generators

Feature NameDescription
Unlimited Melody UploadsAllows users to upload as many melodies as they wish, ideal for producers looking to experiment with various sounds and arrangements.
ExpansionsUsers can expand tracks up to 120 seconds, useful for developing short ideas into fuller compositions.
Unlimited Community DownloadsOffers the ability to download an unlimited number of tracks from the SoundGen community, great for inspiration and exploration.
PlaylistsEnables the creation of numerous playlists for organizing tracks by categories or moods, simplifying music management and access.
Download in WAV FormatProvides high-quality WAV format downloads, ensuring tracks are suitable for professional use in production, mixing, or mastering.
Unlimited ProjectsThere’s no limit to the number of projects a user can create, allowing for continuous creativity and the ability to work on multiple ideas simultaneously.
Private and Public ProjectsUsers have the option to keep projects private or share them with the SoundGen community, offering flexibility for collaboration, feedback, or confidentiality.
Expand Project AudioAllows for the addition of new elements and layers to existing projects, making it a powerful tool for evolving musical ideas into more complex compositions.

AI Generated Melodies From SoundGen

This playlist consists of quite a few genres to demonstrate a little of what SoundGen is capable of: Lofi, 80s Pop, Hiphop, and more.

How To Generate Samples With AI

Creating melodies using SoundGen is relatively easy; here are the simple steps you’ll need to follow to get the most from the AI service.

Create Samples With AI

Step 1: Sign Up and Log In

1. Create an Account: If you’re new to SoundGen, sign up for an account on their platform.

2. Log In: Once your account is set up, access the SoundGen dashboard.

Step 2: Start a New Project

1. Navigate to Your Library: In your SoundGen dashboard, find and click on the ‘Library’ section.

2. Create a New Project: Select the option to create a new project. You might need to give your project a name and possibly a brief description.

Step 3: Crafting Your Prompt

1. Access the Prompt Interface: Within your new project, locate the area where you can enter a text prompt.

2. Describe Your Melody: Type in a description of the melody you want to create. Be as specific as possible, mentioning elements like genre, mood, tempo, and instruments. For example, “A calm, soothing piano melody with a slow tempo for a relaxing atmosphere.”

Step 4: Using Prompt Magic (Optional)

1. Engage the Prompt Magic Tool: If you want to add more creativity, use the ‘Prompt Magic’ feature. This tool can enhance your initial prompt or generate one randomly.

2. Refine the Prompt: You can edit or refine the generated prompt to suit your vision better.

Step 5: Generating the Melody

1. Submit Your Prompt: Once satisfied with your prompt, submit it to start the melody generation process.

2. AI Processing: SoundGen’s AI will analyze your prompt and create a melody based on the provided details.

Step 6: Review and Edit

1. Listen to the Generated Melody: After the AI completes its process, listen to the generated melody.

2. Make Adjustments: If the melody isn’t quite what you were looking for, you can modify your prompt and try again. Some iterations might be necessary to get the desired result.

Step 7: Save and Export

1. Save Your Melody: Save it within your project once you’re happy with the melody.

2. Export Options: You can export your melody in various formats, like WAV, for further use in your music production software.

Step 8: Share or Expand (Optional)

1. Share Your Creation: Share your melody with the SoundGen community or on your social media platforms.

2. Expand Your Project: Use SoundGen’s features to expand your melody into a fuller composition or add it to a playlist.

SoundGen AI Walkthrough Video

Play close attention to the stem creation portion, this where a lot of magic is with SoundGen


In conclusion, AI music generators are exciting and constantly getting better in the world of music production.

While they have yet to fully capture the nuanced artistry and finesse that human musicians bring to the table, their potential as a tool in the creative process is undeniable.

Much like how we utilize session players, DAWs, or samples in our music, AI should be seen as another instrument in our arsenal, offering unique contributions to our work.

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    Create Samples With AI: Melody Loops, Stems and Drums Using Prompts!

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