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Big Plugin Discounts: IK, Arturia, NoiseAsh, Rigid Audio and More

Big Plugin Discounts: IK, Arturia, NoiseAsh, Rigid Audio and More


Don’t miss out on this big plugin discounts!

Attention all Music producers, we have a treat in store for you. Right now, we’re offering some of the best discounts on a variety of plugins.

We’ve got everything from Arturia’s Lofi Mello and Award Winning Pigments to IK Multimedia’s Syntronik 2 Bundle and Mixing tools

If you know other music creators looking for plugins to spark their creativity and enhance their sound, point them to this post.

Amazing Plugin Deals

Here’s a small taste of what we have to offer in terms of deals:


FROM 80% TO 88% OFF:

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Check out our discount cheat sheet for a comprehensive list of discounts we’re offering.

Speaking of which, here are some of my favorite plugins that have helped transform my production and saved me lots of time over the last few years.

Big Discounts On Some Of Arturia's Finest Plugins

Arturia is great when it comes to emulating analog gear while infusing great flexibility. You can’t go wrong with any of their plugins, here are a few of my favorites.

1. EFX Fragments by Arturia

Efx FRAGMENTS is a unique plugin. With this granular processing plugin tool, you can transform any sound, unlocking a world of sonic possibilities.

So, if you’re aiming for glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambiance, or experimental textures, EFX FRAGMENTS is a great way to go.

2. Mellotron V by Arturia

The Mellotron was an instrument that brought an entire orchestra to the fingertips of keyboardists through tape recordings of real instruments, thus offering that nice Lofi charm.

The Mellotron V emulates the original with its quirks but with enhancements modern music producers can appreciate.

3. Pigments by Arturia

Pigments is a powerhouse, offering soft acoustic timbres to deep bass, atmospheric pads, and granular percussive glitches. It boasts four dynamic sound engines, including Harmonic, Wavetable, Virtual Analog, and Sampling.

Each engine offers a unique set of features, allowing for endless sound design possibilities. Pigments can do it all.

4. Tape Mello-Fi by Arturia

Tape MELLO-FI captures the nostalgic essence of tape, from flutters and noise to warm saturation. It stands out with its ability to introduce a nostalgic character to your sound.

The plugin features a highly intuitive and easy to use and is perfect for adding depth to vocals and synth sounds as well as enhancing an entire mix.

IK Multimedia Magic: Analog Mixing and Synths

Like Arturia, also great when it comes to quality emulations, but IK Multimedia tends to take a different approach. I really love the T-RackS bundle, as well as the following

1. MixBox: Rack Styled Mixing

MixBox is a comprehensive mixing rack from IK Multimedia that contains 77 plugin units derived from flagship products like Amplitube, T-RackS, and SampleTank.

EQs, Compressors, Timesbased effects, saturators, and it comes with over 600 presets.

A few of my favorite rack units: White 2A, Sat X and EQP1. There are others, but I find myself using these very often on mixes.

2. T-RackS EQ 81

The T-RackS EQ 81 is inspired by a classic British EQ, offering 4 EQ bands, high and low-pass filters, and a tasty sounding preamp.

The mid-side processing feature further enhances its capabilities, allowing for intricate adjustments of the stereo field, ensuring clarity in the center and spaciousness at the sides of your mix.

EQ Tip: Utilize the 4 banks A-D, they really come in handy

 3. Syntronik 2

Syntronik 2 captures the DNA of legendary synthesizers from brands like Moog, Roland, and Oberheim. With over 80 GB of sounds, 4000+ presets multi-sampled oscillators.

The synths also feature a 4-layer structure, each with its own split points, Arp/Seq, and a rich FX Chain from 71 analog-modeled effects.

Each layer can host up to 4 sample-based oscillators 2 sub oscillators and offers a selection of 7 filters inspired by classic hardware synths.

A Few Notable Favorites: J-60, Matrix 12, Obie One, J-8, Bully.

Highlighted Synth: Can’t Forget About This

No, not Arturia or IK related, but this gem can’t be passed on and its a top seller, so definitely add this to your collection if you haven’t!

Nave: Edgy, Modern…Power

NAVE is a powerful wavetable synthesizer, offering two independent oscillators and over 400 presets for extensive sound design.

It features a versatile osc module with up to eight oscillators, two ring modulators, and a multimode filter, alongside a suite of effects and tools including drive, modulation effects, reverb, and a 3-band parametric equalizer.

With additional functionalities like polyphonic aftertouch, X/Y control pads, and an arpeggiator, NAVE stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly synthesizer.


In wrapping up, this is your golden opportunity to pad your arsenal with great plugins and sounds at massive discounts. There’s something for everyone.

Also, be sure to check out other deals on sounds and synths at https://audioplugin.deals/shop/

New To Audio Plugin Deals?

Just joined us? Wondering how to navigate through all the sales, price cuts, and special offers? No worries at all!

Let’s break down everything you need to understand about grabbing sweet discounts/exclusive deals right here → https://audioplugin.deals/how-it-works/

Also please, be sure to check out our discount cheat sheet!

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