The Horror! The Cinematic Horror! BOOM Library

boom library cinematic horror

The Horror! The Cinematic Horror!

Hey guys. Jon here yet again. I’m going to be checking out another horror collection for this review. Boom Library strikes fear into hearts with their impressive Cinematic Horror library!

This collection of sounds features the skilled ear of Richard Adrian, who has credits that include The Hills Have Eyes (remake), Gothika, Thir13en Ghosts (remake), Ghost Ship, House Of Wax, Haunted Hill, and Mirrors. Beyond horror films, Richard worked on Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, Æon Flux, Swordfish, Four Brothers, 8 Mile, and more…what a resume!

cinematic horror

Boom Library – Ready Made Greatness

Cinematic Horror is more geared towards sound engineers than composers. That’s not to say you can’t chop up these WAVs into interesting pieces of music. But the library is designed as ready made, high quality SFX. Because of this, the intended use is to use the files uncompromised. The booms, drones, and atmospheres are already of the highest quality. Due to this, Cinematic Horror can be a massive time saver, and an invaluable supplemental tool!

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Each sound is offered up with a few variations. Wouldn’t want the sounds to repeat too often, would you? Certainly not! Which is why Boom Library offers you up to 6 variations of each sound within each WAV file.

Producer’s Edge

If you so choose, you can definitely further work these sounds. Use the hits as part of a drum kit! Or take one of the drones and apply a gate, mess with the pitch and use it as a bassline. The sky is the limit with the proper experimentation!

Demo Tracks

The 3 short demo songs from the review are uploaded below. Enjoy!

Ritchie: Hound of Hell

Hawk the Merciless

Window Shopping

The collection comes as a Bundle consisting of a cinematic horror construction kit and a Designed version. perhaps not a ‘construction kit’ in the more conventional use of the term.

With more than 15 GB, more than 370 files and more than 1.700 high-quality SFX, the CINEMATIC HORROR collection is great for sound designers 

Available for as low as $79 from the APD shop

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