Looking For a Good Viking Kontakt Library?

If you’re in need of a great Viking KONTAKT Sound Library, you’re in luck! For music producers, having access to quality sounds is a must. If you aim to make any money from production, your client will want good professional quality. Ditch those doo doo sounds! Quality sound libraries will… Read More »

Sonible PureEQ vs Melda Production MTurboEQ

Sonible PureEQ vs Melda Production MTurboEQ

With all the EQ options available on the market, it’s understandable that many people can be confused about whether it fits their needs. Considering that many people are conscious about their finances and time, they don’t want to invest in two or more products that do the same thing, other… Read More »

How To Get Loud Masters With a Clipper

This article is going to quickly tell you how to get loud masters with a Clipper, but it will also go into some detail about Clippers and when to use them. As an upcoming music producer, one of the challenges you will face is getting your mixes and masters up… Read More »

Black Rooster Audio Vintage Reverb and Delay Plugins

Here’s a good collection of Vintage Reverb and Delay Plugins It’s rare to stumble upon a deal that offers incredible value and brings a touch of vintage sonic character to your mixes. Black Rooster Audio brings that and more to the table with their Vintage Reverb & Delay Bundle. These… Read More »