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Introducing FELICITY by Rigid Audio!

Special deal from Rigid Audio – Felicity, a wavetable based synth for Kontakt FULL, for only $4! Featuring 300 presets focused on atmospheres, pads, soundscapes, analog style leads, and unique textures, Felicity offers huge sounds for a super low price. Great for producers and composers of all genres, this is... Read More »
redverb 2 by schulz audio

Woah! Checking out RedVerb 2 by Schulz Audio!

RedVerb 2 is a huuuuge hybrid reverb plugin with over 1300 incredible presets included. This is one reverb plugin that can seemingly do it all. From subtle ambience, rooms, halls, chambers, and churches, to massive, never ending verbs for synths and sound design. Not to mention the included modulation options... Read More »
AcousticSamples Guitar Bundle

Turning 88 Notes Into 6 Strings – AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle

Every Keyboard Player Dreams Of Playing Guitar, Don’t They? Over the years, if it had black and white keys, I was playing it. The guitar always seemed fun and portable, so much easier to carry around than a piano, but most of all it was the sound. As an arranger,... Read More »
synths abyss by karanyi sounds

Overview: Synths Abyss by Karanyi Sounds – LIMITED FREE DOWNLOAD

Freebie Alert – Synths 2: Abyss! Dark, analog soundscapes courtesy of Karanyi Audio (Full Kontakt required!) Download Free here (expires June 2, 2020): Sampled from authentic analog gear from Oberheim to Moog, Abyss gives you 190 presets and 40 multis to load up and use instantly. Click button below... Read More »
Egoist by Sugarbytes

OVERVIEW: EGOIST by Sugarbytes

EGOIST by Sugarbytes is a unique instrument that refuses to conform. With its ingenious interface, users have the ability to create basslines, drum grooves and warp samples into arrangements that sound like they are from another world. With its quirky approach to music making, Egoist could be used in almost... Read More »
Vocalisa: Slavic Women's Choir by Impact Soundworks

Quick Look: VOCALISA – The Slavic Women’s Choir by Impact Soundworks

Need something new to spice up your cinematic music productions? Check out Vocalisa from Impact Soundworks, an authentic Bulgarian choir which offers a supremely unique tone and timbre, and is a breath of fresh air from the normal classical/orchestral choirs. Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! Vocalisa... Read More »
Vocal Atmospheres Bundle by Black Octopus Sound

Overview: Cristina Soto Vocal Atmospheres from Black Octopus!

Today’s blog will cover a very versatile product we have in the shop, Cristina Soto Vocal Atmospheres from Black Octopus! This does not require Kontakt, instead it provides you with the WAV files of each sample and performance, so you don’t need any plugins to run this, just drag and... Read More »
veevum trilogy

Overview: VeeVum Trilogy by Audiofier

VeeVum Trilogy is a collection of playable Kontakt instruments from Audiofier. It is designed for creating interesting textures and ambient sounds and is presented in a unique interface that displays samples in stacked hexagons like honeycomb in the wall of a beehive. The 3 separate instruments have similar interfaces but... Read More »
fresh+dark bundle by sampletraxx

Introducing the Fresh+Dark bundle from Sampletraxx!

Fresh sounds with a super dark twist… this is what Sampletraxx does best! Introducing the Fresh+Dark bundle from Sampletraxx, available now at 82% off. This bundle contains the following products: Anti-System – With 10 separate .nki files, this library is the ultimate tool for modern, edgy, and dark cinematic sounds.... Read More »
Cinematic Keys by Sample Logic

They Destroyed A Piano So You Wouldn’t Have To. Taking a look at Sample Logic’s Cinematic Keys

GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Legend has it Jerry Lee Lewis doused a piano with a mixture of Coca-Cola and gasoline, set it on fire, and played until it burned to the ground. Fast forward to the present where we find Sample Logic subjecting a piano to its worse nightmares, setting... Read More »