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Freebie Alert! Get the Waldorf Edition 2 (LE Version) for FREE!

This includes the vintage synthesizer plugin PPG Wave 2V, the percussion synthesizer Attack, and the creative filter plugin D-Pole. Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! PPG Wave is an emulation of the classic 1982 PPG Wave synthesizers, a retro wavetable synth that combines the best of analog... Read More »

Available Now: Two Powerhouse Plugins from Boz Digital Labs!

This shop bundle contains the Imperial Delay and Manic Compressor from Boz Digital, which are some of my new favorite creative effects plugins! Much more than a standard delay and compressor, these plugins can take your tracks to new heights. The Imperial Delay has surprisingly creative delays and multi effects,... Read More »

Exciting Hybrid Sounds from Pulsesetter Sounds – Epic Babies and Pulsor for Kontakt

Get the latest exciting hybrid sounds from Pulsesetter Sounds at a ridiculously low price! Limited time offer, so do not miss this! If you haven’t heard of Pulsesetter Sounds, they’ve been taking the market by storm with their incredibly creative and high-quality sample libraries for hybrid, trailer, and action music... Read More »
Massive Rock Bundle by UEBERSCHALL

Rock out with the Massive Rock Bundle from Ueberschall!

For this deal, we’re bringing you more amazing loops and construction kits from Ueberschall, running in the free Elastik 3 sampling engine (no Kontakt required!) These products, if you haven’t guessed already, are focused on all things ROCK! From the classic rock ballads we all love, to the screeching solos... Read More »
Scoring Mallets by HandHeldSound

Presenting the Scoring Mallets bundle from HandheldSound!

Featuring a beautifully sampled marimba, vibraphone, and xylophone, with a pristine sound and incredible performance features at a ridiculous price! Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! These mallets will fit right at home in any orchestral, classical, or jazz recording, as they are deeply sampled and offer... Read More »

Introducing Modern Scoring Elements 1-3 by Audio Plugin Deals & Image Sounds

Audio Plugin Deals and Image Sounds team up to bring you Modern Scoring Elements 1-3, a curated selection of cutting edge samples focused on electronic/hybrid and cinematic scoring. Featuring ambient loops, rhythmic beds, percussive and FX loops, impacts, hits, whooshes, transitions, melodic pads, and more, this collection will give you... Read More »
top 5 ethnic libraries in the shop

Top 5 Ethnic/World Libraries Available in The Shop

Today we will look at my Top 5 Ethnic/World libraries available in the shop, and how you can use them to make great tracks quickly! We’ll start off with the Ventus Shakuhachi (Japanese flute) from Impact Soundworks, which is part of the Ventus Ethnic Winds Bundle available in the APD... Read More »

Get weird with Obscurium from Sugar Bytes!

This is more than a plugin, it’s a sound design playground, capable of producing other-worldy soundscapes in the blink of an eye, and it can host ANY of your favorite plugins! That’s right, the possibilities are truly endless when you use Obscurium as a host for all of your favorite... Read More »
SFZ Piano Bundle by Production Voices

Piano perfection from Production Voices!

This deal features 5 totally unique piano sample libraries from Production Voices. These libraries do NOT require Kontakt and will run inside of a free sampler called Plogue Sforzando. Included in this bundle are the following products: Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! Concert Grand Compact –... Read More »
SEQui2R EX by Audiofier

Step into the ultimate sequencing engine, Sequi2r EX from Audiofier!

SEQui2R EX is the newly upgraded sequencing engine inside of Kontakt (Full version required), combining the original SEQui2R and all of the amazing expansions into one streamlined instrument. At the heart of this instrument are powerful step sequencers, capable of automating melodies, effects, modulation, and more, all self contained inside... Read More »