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ujam virtual drummers bundle

[WATCH] UJAM’s Virtual Drummers Bundle – Quick Dive

UJAM Virtual Drummer is a versatile package including 3 professional sounding drum libraries, all in one conveniently priced bundle! The product retails for $149.99, but for the next couple weeks, it’s available exclusively at Audio Plugin Deals for $59.99. Each Virtual Drummer library is a standalone VST Plugin that will... Read More »
acon digital mastering suite

[WATCH] Mastering Suite by ACON Digital – Quick Overview

Acon Digital Mastering Suite – Your one stop shop for professional, polished mixes! The Acon Digital Mastering suite contains the following plugins: Dynamics – a complex plugin that combines a compressor, expander, and gate. Dynamics uses intelligent algorithms to enhance your mixes while remaining transparent and incredibly simple to use,... Read More »
electro city


Electro City is a huge and versatile collection of cutting edge electronic loops and sounds, covering everything from kicks and hi-hats to basslines, chords, and synth leads. What sets this collection apart from other run-of-the-mill loop collections, however, is the sleek and intuitive engine that powers this library. Consider this... Read More »

ENFORCER by BOOM Library – Power Up Your Music!

Boom Library Enforcer is an audio effects plugin capable of enhancing, or even completely transforming, any input signal you can throw at it. Included are over 115 professional presets in various categories, for instant application to kicks, snares, claps, hi hats, orchestral percussion, bass, and also trailer effects and sound... Read More »
front row violins

Front Row Violins by Kirk Hunter Studios – Quick Walkthrough

Kirk Hunter Studios' Front Row Violins is your one stop shop for sampled violins, including ensemble sizes ranging from one solo player to a full orchestral ensemble of 16 violinists, and everything in between. Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! This library includes multiple articulations and bowing... Read More »
Realivox Vs Vocal Lyrical Phrases - The blog-min

[WATCH] Female Vocal Extravaganza: Realivox Ladies Versus Sonuscore Lyrical Vocal Phrases!

When it comes to music, sometimes nothing can beat the human voice. The beauty, the expressiveness, and the nuance captured with a human vocal performance: there’s nothing quite like it. However, sometimes we want to add some extra flavor to our tracks in the form of a world class vocalist,... Read More »
Rigid Audio Bundle - The blog-min

[WATCH] Checking out the Massive Rigid Audio Bundle

We are incredibly excited to announce The Rigid Audio Bundle, containing 9 complete libraries, a $746 dollar value, for only $39 for a limited time. This bundle includes the following products: Hypernode,  Space, Space 2, Ghost, Aquiver, Cinematrix, Padstation 2, Synferno, and Supine. Click button below to subscribe to our... Read More »
acoustic revolutions 3

Acoustic Revolutions 3 by Impact Soundworks

Acoustic Revolutions 3 is a Kontakt virtual instrument that provides access to an extensive collection of playable acoustic guitar rhythms. Personally, this is something I really need. Although I revere the sound of the guitar, I have never been able to play the guitar well enough to make recordings worthy... Read More »
acousticsamples bundle

[WATCH] Checking Out AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle

We are pleased to announce the AcousticSamples Guitar Bundle, featuring four of the best guitar sample libraries on the market for the ridiculous price of $99.00 (a $576 value)!! This bundle contains two electric guitars and two acoustic guitars, and includes some of the most sought after guitar tones in... Read More »